Range Rules


  • A bow must not be loaded with an arrow unless standing on the Shooting Line with one foot over the Line and the signal to start shooting has been given.
  • A loaded bow must only be pointed at the assigned target. It must not be pointed at another person.
  • An arrow must not be shot straight up into the air.
  • A cracked or bent arrow must never be shot.
  • A person must never stand forward of an archer about to shoot.
  • If an arrow or part of equipment is dropped in front of the shooting line while shooting is in progress, it can only be picked up after shooting has stopped.
  • When each student has finished shooting their arrows, they should stand back from the shooting line so the instructor can clearly see that they have finished.
  • Only when everyone has finished shooting will the signal to move forward to collect the arrows be given.

Collecting Arrows

  • Walk forward to collect the arrows, never run.
  • Always walk up to the side of the target butt, so as to not to accidentally walk into the rear of the arrows lodged in the target.
  • One person at a time should withdraw their arrows from the target.
  • When withdrawing arrows from the target, make sure no one is standing in front of the target or in the way of the withdrawn arrows. Withdrawing the arrows may require some force and the arrows may come out suddenly from the target butt and the rear end of the arrow could hit someone standing in front of the target.
  • If searching for arrows behind the target, at least one member of a group must remain standing in front of the target while others are searching.
  • When carrying arrows, always hold them to the side.
  • After each end, everyone must return to the shooting line and the range must be checked to make sure no one is behind the target butts or in the safety zone before the signal to commence shooting is given.